Merry Christmas

to my friend!


A special friend is a rare find...
someone who shares your joy
and happiness,
someone who cares enough
to show love and kindness,
someone who is a comfort
to spend time with,
someone who is honest
and thoughtful.

A special friend is a wonderful gift...
someone who offers understanding
when life is difficult,
someone whose smile is enough
to brighten any day,
someone who accepts you
and is glad that you are you,
someone who forgets mistakes
and is gentle and trusting...

You are this special friend to me.
Our times together are
treasured in my heart.
And at Christmas,
A special time of year,
I wish you love, laughter,
and all of life's
most beautiful things.

I wish you health and cheer,
and more of everything
that makes you happy.
And I wish that we will,
always be special friends.

~Donna Levine

To a Special Friend at Christmas!


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