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New Sites
 New Site sence the last major up date.

Music 4 Free
Description: Various Music Genres
Recommend Song(s): 13 Stories -Shake Your Ass (not techno)
Full Review:
Music 4 Free is a site full of samples form many different groups in many different music genres. Two of the featured groups on this site, that are recommended for downloading are "13 Stories" a pop band, and "Ace In Space" witch is Gabber.


Sites to Nab and Grab some MP3's
Some Of The Best Mp3 music resources on the net:

Description: Various Techno Music
Recommend Song(s): NA at this time
Full Review:
This Site has a large Variety of music styles and artists. There is so much to review, it will take a few days to get this up.

e-Go's stuff:
Description: Trance MP3 Down Load Site
Recommend Song(s): NA at this time
Full Review:
This site is great for hearing commercial full length music samples for evaluation. (Please if you like the music you  hear, then buy the CD!) The e-Go's stuff web site contains a mix of some of the best  Trance , Goa, and what the webmaster labels "misc". Under the misc. section you will find a combo of Techno, TripHop Dance, Club and  D n' B. With regular up dates, it pays to check back to see what new material is being offered.

Beat Driven Music  Review
Description: A Drum and Bass lover's paradise
Recommend Song(s): undercutter - drum n' bass mix 1 (RA G2 56K)
Full Review:
Though this page is not curently being up dated as much as in the past, there is still a good archive of more main stream D n' B and Jungle. Also a recommended music file to check out is the  "undercutter -  drum'n'bass" mix. In addition to the archive, the author of the page does reviews of new D n' B albums, and artist.

ACiD's TechnoCharts
Description: More then just acid trance.
Recommend Song(s): NA
Full Review:
Lots of working links. The music tends to be more into the popular side of things. This site could have got a four star rating, but lost out with two element. First elements is this site sports adds/banners that deal this blatant, offensive pornographic imagery. If wanted porn I would go to a porn site. Second this site's lay out is badly done and some what confusing. Even with this low rating I would still recommend viewing this site because there is lots of good music to sample. 

Psychedelic Trance
Description: Some good Psyc Trance tracks
Recommend Song(s): Hallucinogen - Spiritual Antiseptic
Full Review:
This page has a limited number of tracks but the ones I've downloaded are good. And it's Psych trance! This site loses one star because the server is down, almost as much as it is up. PLUS this site has links that appear to be good, but I have not fully checked them out.

MP3 House Classics
Rating: (not rated yet)
Description: Look good links work.
Recommend Song(s): Underworld - BornSlippy
Full Review:
A Web site =)

Mike Oldfield Rarities
Rating: (not rated yet)
Description: NewAge Ambient, Weekly new tracks
Recommend Song(s): Any Techno remixes done by webmaster.
Full Review:
This site contains hard to get songs from Mike Oldfield, plus Techno remixs done by the webmaster. It is up dated weekly (every Friday morning). The webmasters remixes are sweet, and suggested for down loading.


All In one Sites
Site Have Both Music, Software, News and other Mp3's related info.
Description: For Software, Music, and News On mp3's
Recommend Songs(s):
Full Review:
An all in one MP3 site, containing news about mp3 community, music file formats. Plus with free music, archives of the latest Mp3 software players, utilizes and visual plug ins for Winamp, and a good discussion group.

The Music archived on this site is second to none! There is almost every genre of music archived at this site, from Folk to Gabber. I do have one bitch and that is the Techno/Rave/Electronic section is lumped all together should be further subdivide into the appropriate genre and then noted with sub genres.

If your looking for MP3 software this is the place to check first! It has it all, and plus .AAC software and MP3 hardware link with some reviews and spec information. One high light is a thorough list for visual plug ins for the winamp mp3 player system. Though the software and hardware is rated there is no reviews or indept info about the products, making it confusing what some of this stuff might do or be for.

The News on this site is always up to date, and goes indept in how events effect the mp3 community. There is all most never a dull or flawed article, which is better then I can say about most news site or papers.
Description: A site about a better Audio Codec then Mp3
Recommend Song(s): Curved Space-Scatter*
Full Review:
This site covers the VQF** or the TwinVQ, audio compression Codec file format. It has news, VQFsoftware and some music.
*this sound is encoded in VQF so you'll need ether the VQF player OR the winamp VQF plug in, both available at this site. 
**TwinVQ is better file format than MP3's, the file size is smaller and the audio quality is better. But software to play to is in the early stages. More info on none Mp3 Codec's coming soon! Check in the Audio Codec Comparisons.

Mp's Music Software:
Home sites of important Music playing Software:

Description: The Home site of the best MP3 player

Description: The Home site of FreeAmp an Open Source Mp3 player

Mpeg Encoder v007a
Description: The best sounding Mp3 Encoder.
*Down Load here:
Mpeg Encoder v007a

Description: The Coolest Winamp visual plug in
*Down Load here:

Screen Shot

Down Load

The Geiss Home Page


Here Is a shit load of Mp3 Search Sites
But Remember:
If You Like The MP3 sample the Buy The CD so the artist can feed their families!

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MediaFind 2 | 1
AudioFind 0 | NA
Playdude 0 | NA
123mp3 2 | 3
MP3 Box 1 | 5
Mediabot 0 | NA
Astraweb 4 | 5
mIRC-X MP3 Search 0 | NA
Mp3seek 0 | NA
FAST FTP Search v4 2 | 3
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I have little or no info about these sites yet. But are recommended

I don't know much about this site but ppl say its good

The Free Music Archive - Ultimate MP3 Resource

Mp3 Fortress


AAC - Advanced Audio Coding

Audio Extreme

Ftp Music

The world of MP3

Dimension Music

MP3 Place

MP3 Search Panel

Macintosh MP3 Information

MP3 World

MPEG Audio Software Page

MPEG Music Archive




Yahoo's MP3 link's

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