Hi I'm Crazy Dave
David McMillan

I live 1hr out side of Vancouver BC Canada, in Suburb called Delta. I believe love is the most important thing in the universe, and I live my life to help other to understand that. To help bring love to the rave scene of Vancouver I started the MorngGlory Colective.

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My Music Is Here!
I also make music, cause I love the stuff.

Interests: Grafix Arts, Dancing all nite to techno music(some call it raving), Talking, Making people laugh, Listing music, Composing music like stuff, Hang'n with my best bud's, Skiing/SnowBoarding, Playing Quake and Eating
Music genres Techno'y Stuff: 
Trance (90-94ish, Psych, Acid, Epic and Hard) Techno, Gabber, (the new stuff)HardCore, (doom core, death, noise) Detroit techno, D n' B, Jungle, Trip Hop, (rave)Hard Core, Brakes, And some times a little dance/club. 

Some Rock, Hard Core(white boy's rap), "Alternative", Punk(old and new),Industeral

Band's I like POP(Prophecy of Panic), Virus, Prodigal Sons, Mind Bender(All are Trancy stuff). Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method and FatBoySlim(All are Beat) 65dBA(club/ambient), Scott Blackwell(Club), Rhythm Saints(House/Club), Orbital(?), Daft Punk(Dub?) Klank, NIN, Ministry, Circle of Dust/BrainChild/ChatterBox , KMFDM, Deitphobia, UnderMidnight, Skinny Puppy, Mortal, Argyle Park (All are   Industrial). Meat Beat Manifesto Tool, Filter, and Fell Venus(industreal like). Everdown (rockHard Core) Wish For Eden (Hard Heavy Rock Alternative, rockHard Core) BlenderHead (Punk) MXPX (Punk) Crux (Alternative Punk). Offspring (Power Pop) GreenDay(Power Pop). Soulfood76, Poor Old Lu, Luxury and Starflyer 59(Soulfull slower Alternative) Joy Electric/Rainbow Riders(Eletronic?)
Games I Like Quake 1, 2, Sin, Duke Nukem 3D, Commandos, Thexder(the world best game but I can't play it any one got a spare XT /w EGA?), Master Of Magic Interstate 76, and Tomb Raider, Space Quest(all)
Body Spec's 5'9" 145lb, Very Dark Hair, Blue Eyes, Male(I hope) 
Goals Hold a big full multimedia "Rave". Pass Eglish 12. Define the Next API that will kill Windows. Produce Music with my GeekStep Band "Me and Eric Hayes". Become a teacher. Stop Smoking Crak for the 25th time of 17years addiction.

A Pix of Me and my GF

New Moon2
We arrived 10min after it wuz busted
Got any E-bread?

Other Web sites I was working On, but MorningGlory and Dance safe have taken up all my time:

This site is to high-light the events and culture raving community.

Wellcome To The Digital Music Reveiw

To educate people about the growing trend of the use of PC as a music composition platform and music play back device.

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