Voting Booth Sample
midi and background to be link to what I want

This is a sample of more then a yes/no voting system:
Little Icon (I used stars) is user supplied
The HTML for this page could be on the uses site. Speeding up connections to FreeVote
this banner gif could be from the sponsors own HTTP
Even if it would be hard to have a cgi up dating the results on my own html, it could be left for me to manual do it.
cgi and java script could have my page up date real time.
Up dates can be done via gif's, but newly added vote Item will still need to be manually done.

;begin sample

If the HTML was on my own site you have ppl to link to
a cgi that posted different banners. A profile of what the booth
was about,  would control what adds made it to what sites.
This would allow your sponsors to directly market to a specific audiences.

PS. I lost the code the jumps you to the site the the banner is showing. Eeck!
But reload this page to see the banner change
Link is from:

Vote for the Best FREE Mp3 Source*

Number Of Stars** Site Name*    Total Votes   Rating
Kosmic 33
Psychedelic Trance 22
2Look4 21
The Free Music Archive  12 11
MPEG Music Archive 2
Mp3 Fortress 0 NA
Playdude 0 NA
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* editable text
**Quote depends on vote both mode
;end sample

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