Come Join Us For a FREE Week  End of Music fun! With two Free Parties Back to Back!

(These are Recommended Drug and Alcohol free events! Please be considerate to the promoters by
abstaining for just one night. Out door events are NOT safe places to using and experimenting with chemicals
you don't understand or know much about!, Plus Drug use will cause these parties to get busted!!!)

High Voltage Preparty
(called Wet Sock):
This Saturday Night (July 10) From 10:00pm-7:00am
Also with:

DJ Midnight Vs Arizona, MikeRock, Lunatech, DJ Khan and E-Man
Information subject to change

Then The After Party
(to the PreParty and every other event that night)
Sunday Morning(July 11) 8:00am-2:00pm(City Core Location)
Sunny-D, DJ OD, Digital Jester, Max and more..
Full DJ line up to be announced!

Main Info Line: 844-2119
Or The Collide Hot Line 571-0778
Donations welcome! =)
Information subject to change

Please Remember this is an out door event, Bring water, warm clothes, and other needs. Please be respectful of the property being uses, and the surrounding neighbourhood. Please leave the pcp and other drugs at home!

Please Past this page to every party kid in Vancouver!!!!!


[Warning Attend at your own risk!]
(All participants assumes all risk of the dangers incidental surrounding the event, and the extra dangers of an unsupervised out door event, Promoters of the music set up, clam no responsibility to participants taking part of the exterior unsupervised gathering on open land, in regards of but not limited to, injuries, damage, and theft.)
[Your Safety is your own responsibility!]